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Re: Petswhse discussion

>>If you want to argue that the SC should reevaluate its position, then make
case.  If, after doing your best, and the SC still disagrees, then you have
choices: accept the SC's decision, or run for a seat on the SC.  Just
you have a very strong view of something doesn't mean that anyone who
with you is wrong (if two people have strong but opposing views on
does that mean that BOTH are wrong? :-) )<<

It was discussed here on this list not too long ago, and I am not the only
one, but I am sorry my comments were harsh. My feathers were a bit ruffled
and had a short fuse...my apologies. I didnt realize there were so many
lurkers on this list. I thought it was primarily an AGA member list, with a
relatively small number of people and little need for moderation. I can see
I was mistaken about the moderation part anyway... At any rate, I am happy
my original post was appreciated by the people it was meant for. But while
we are on the subject of this groups politics, I would be interested to know
what further plans are on the horizon of the steering committie beyond the
convention and the upcoming aquascaping contest. I had heard talk of
possible regional activities...can anyone elaborate?

Robert Hudson

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