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Re: Seeds

Karen asked:
> Do you still have seeds from the species that haven't sprouted that you
> haven't exposed to water?  If so, you might try one of the following.  If
> you have any information about the climate and conditions at the
> location, it might help you make an educated guess about what might work.

Yes, actually I do have some more seeds from the one that still hasn't
germinated and Dave has given me quite a bit of background information on
the plant in question in nature. I'll try a few different approaches.

B.T.W., do you remember my asking you about CO2 enrichment of some of my
seedflats? Bad news! It didn't work - in the worst possible way. The flats
went skunky and I lost nearly all of the Vallisneria nana seedlings.
Sometimes I am so dumb - I should have realized that a low KH/pH, high peat
substrate could cause problems when CO2 was introduced. Like soaking the
seedlings in vinegar!

James Purchase

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