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RE: Botanical Illustration

Too late James, you have sparked ideas and you can't stop them now :-)

I think it will be more fun if there a framework or basis (or
"premise") for submitting pictures.  It doesn't have to scare folks. It
can be very loose.  But accruate versus abstract cuts a pretty wide
swath so I still suggest allowing folks to submit for either
consideration (or both at their discretion).

I think anyone that can draw deserves a ribbon.  :-)

And if it increases participation, I'm for it.  Heck we could even have
a "Poetry about plated aquaria" contest.

> This all meant to be FUN, and as long as I'm involved with it, its
> going to
> stay that way.

I guess we're going to have fun whether we like it or not -- just
kidding, James.

Scott H.

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