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Re: [AGA Member] Re: Aga Members List

Hi, Kate, and welcome!  Thanks for the wonderful message!

> hardest challenge with this tank was moving it-moved it in the back seat
> of my Saturn, which is not very much bigger than the whole tank. The

That's amazing!  Tell me, did the fish stick their faces out the window like
dogs do?  <g>

> filter might be a good investment one of these days. For fertilizer I am
> using Seachem's Flourish and also the Iron supplement. I am wondering if

All I use is Equilibrium with water changes, but my substrate is florabase
and flourite. The PMDD dosages are popular with many on the list, but right
now I think they are all off admiring rocks at the convention. <g>  Someone
who knows more about this than I should respond soon though.

> Another thing I do is wrap a sponge filter in java moss so I don't have
> to look at it. A piece of driftwood strategically placed can further
> hide the sponge.

You don't use the sponges inside the filters?

> I learned when I called A&H supply to ask about bulbs that the 10,000K

I have 10k PCs on my 50 and they don't appear to promote any algae.  At
least I don't need to scrape the glass much.. maybe once every month or two
do I notice any on the sides where the current runs.

> on fresh live grub... I don't have tv here, broke the antenna and
> decided not to replace it, so I have plenty of time and energy for
> working on the tanks or just watching the fish.  I think it's pretty

Yeppers.  Since we added tanks to our apartment we've been wondering what
sized tank we could add if we got rid of the TV..  we often turn it off just
so we can stare at the tanks in peace.  <g>



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