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Re: [AGA Member] Pellia

From: "Kate Breimayer" <kate@munat.com>

> a huge problem in a bay in California where a Mediterranean plant was
> introduced. It has no problem at all consuming all available space in

heh.. Monterey. It's still a big mess. San Francisco Bay is even worse and
now the airport wants to undo years of recovery by building another runway
that it won't even be able to use. (Airport in large part was built right on
top of a marsh.)  CalFlora was a wonderful organization documenting
California plants but have had to pretty much suspend operations due to
financial shortfalls. (http://www.calflora.org/). Even more depressing,
given the large number of environmental groups in the area, is that they
seem to be having a hard time finding help. But then a lot of groups, and
plants, are suffering these days..


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