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[AGA Member] AGA website (fwd)

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From: "Jeff Ludwig" <jeff@rockytop.net>
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Subject: AGA website
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 10:20:58 -0500

> So, actually, y'know, here's something that might be a way all of you
> could help out... what sorts of "seminal" articles would you think are
> good to have on the AGA website?  Maybe it's something that's
> appeared in TAG in the last year or two, or maybe it's something that
> hasn't even been written yet.  Anything that immediately floats to
> the surface for anyone?


I've written a MySQL database that so far lists all of the plants from
Kasselmann's book and Tropica's website as of Nov 20, 2003, you're more than
welcome to the code and database for the AGA website (php).  One of the nice
features is that their is also a common name table, so that you can lookup a
plant by a common name and also get a ref for where to read-up on it.  It
has the potential to expand so that their can be pictures/culture sections
much like the databaes at www.planetcatfish.com.

On the page is a few more reasons why I started the project... I see plants
going the way of Apistogramma (everything sp. "Something" to raise price on
online auction sites) and wanted a good reference for identifying duplicate
names: Gratiola sp. versus Limnophila aromatica for example.


There are a few spelling errors and some database issues I hope to fix this
week (for example 'Baby's Tears' works but 'Babys Tears' does not)... I
would also like to expand to include the Baensch Atlas and Oriental
Aquariums book.

Jeff Ludwig
Elkton, MD

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