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RE: [AGA Member] Plant database - was AGA website (fwd)

Posting back issues would deter folks from buying them
wouldn't it?

Samples articles are already available for free on-line for
those that want to sample before they buy.


--- Jay Reeves <jreeves1@mn.rr.com> wrote:
> Could the program also include back issues of TAG and
> PAM?
> Maybe this would help people to see the value of buying
> the
> back issues.  Or at least joining AGA and getting current
> issues.  Another periodical that would be nice to index
> is
> "Today's Aquarium".  Although no longer in english print
> some back issues are available and it is a wonderful
> resource.
> Jeff, can some of the data entry be done remotely?  If
> so, I
> offer my services.
> Jay Reeves

S. Hieber

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