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Re: [AGA Member] Plant database - was AGA website (fwd)

Absolutely not. In fact it is quite the reverse. Posting the issues
online will drive print subscriptions. Sample articles do nothing
except make many people hesitate about subscribing.  I wrote a long
list of items to Erik & Karen that included much of what's already
been suggested plus a lot more quite a while ago.  A couple of the
easy ones I've seen implemented. No doubt it will come down to the
usual formula - Available time + energy + # of people who can do the
work. But I still maintain having all the current issues up online
plus a coherent, updated knowledge-base accessed directly from the
AGA would do wonders for the print publication.

From: "S. Hieber" <shieber@yahoo.com>

> Posting back issues would deter folks from buying them
> wouldn't it?
> Samples articles are already available for free on-line for
> those that want to sample before they buy.
> sh

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