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[AGA Member] Plant database - was AGA website (fwd)

> Jeff, can some of the data entry be done remotely?  If so, I
> offer my services.

Absolutely... There are obviously some logistics and security issues here,
but those can be addressed.  Since its in PHP the entire frontend to the
database could be developed to work in a web browser.  I would love to add
other refs, pictures, culture sheets, etc but most importantly if we do this
I would like to eliminate duplicate species, take for example Baensch's E.
tennellus sub varieties versus Kasselmann.  This would involve creating a
suspect list, growing plants emmersed and putting some IDs to rest.  The
hope was that this listing might evolve into a "generally accepted" list of
proper nomenclature so that plants could be traded by ID number.  Also when
people submit aquascapes for the contest, they could use ID number so that
if a name changes the ID is still unique.

Amano's books are also terribly inaccurate in nomenclature (by the
publishers own admission) and it would be nice to have these plants listed
as common names in the database so people could look them up and purchase
the proper plant they see in his aquascapes.  This is a huge undertaking, I
would estimate there are over 500 cultivars of aquarium plants (cultivars
defined as two plants that have an interesting difference if reproduced

For those interested in helping, I might be able to have the frontend
written by Christmas time, I'll look into some photo copyright issues


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