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Re: [AGA Member] UV Sterilizers

In a message dated 12/28/03 7:38:55 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
aglass@wi.rr.com writes:

> have read and heard that using a UV sterilizer on planted tanks is not a 
> good idea since it evidently oxidizes trace elements.

I've been running UV sterilizers on my tanks for two years now with no 
obvious iron or other trace element deficiencies noted. Some tanks do have Flourite 
but other do not and about the only difference I've noticed is less algae 

Having heard the same argument you did about UV sterilizers --  I added extra 
iron for a while but all I noticed then was an increase in algae. I've since 
added iron only to the substrate when and if I felt it necessary and this has 
seemingly produced good results.
Well, at least no harm came of it.

This would be a fairly easy thing to test for if there was a reliable iron 
test kit for the water column, but there apparently is not. Most iron test kits 
say more about the test kits themselves than about the amount of iron in the 
water. Ditto PO4.


Bob Olesen

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