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[AGA Member] how many wpg is the sunlight?

Yes - you heard me right... :-)

Or maybe I should rephrase my question - 
If I put the aquarium in the middle of the amazon river, and it's day, no clouds - I get some light intensity over the surface of my tank. Now how many Fluorescent Watts should I provide to get the same intensity?

I know Lumens and Lux are not the right thing to use but still - I read somewhere that the sun is 30,000 lux. I think a good 36W T8 Fluorescent is ~2500 lumens. If I have a surface area of the tank of ~1.25 square meter. Then that's 2000 Lux per Fluorescent. So 30,000 / 2000 = 15 Fluorescents. Multiplied by 36W gives - 540W and divide it by 200 gallons = 2.7 wpg. 

Too low I believe - so this is why I am asking...


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