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[AGA Member] Money saving Tip on Eheim parts

The small white "flow indicator" check-valve-ball in the
Ehiem 2022/2028 series is the same as in the Ecco series.
The replacement for the Ecco costs $4; the replacement for
the 202x series cost about 4 times as much. The ball
housings are very diff and a new one needlessly comes with
the replacment ball. The housing hardly ever wears out or
breaks -- it would be a neat trick to break one -- you'd
have to try. But the balls can get beaten up bouncing
around the output tube and they deteriorate over time. 

So, if you need to replace the ball on you 202x series
filter, get the part for the Ecco, toss the housing in the
wastebasket and save yourself about $12.

Scott H.

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