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Re: [AGA-Member] GLOB from DIY Co2 using TAG recipe?

I was using a product called Spiro-tein or something like that, but where I 
purchased it is an hour away -- that worked great.  The first gel experience, I 
tried Soy milk, and so I suspected the soy or the tank water; the second gel 
experience, I used an Adkins diet protein powder from the grocery store. If 
the leaving out the molasses doesn't change anything, I will look for the 
protein powder you mention, or make the drive to get the other stuff (the town I'm 
in knows nothing about protein powder, rural). I'll let you all know!  (I also 
was reusing the yeast at the bottom, but the new bottles have new yeast since 
I threw all the gel-like stuff out).   

The soy milk does have Carrageenan (which I think gels, right?)
The protein mix has Guar gum.
Two suspects I would assume?
I wish I had a package of the old stuff to see what was in it...

Let us know if you get no gelling. If you changed protein
powder brands, some have emulsifiers added to keep the
powder in suspension when you mix it with a fluid -- helps
attenuate the "Bosco" syndrome ;-)  That could be mucking
things up a bit. If it still gels without mollasses, going
sans protein is what I'd try next, jsut to see if it's the
culprit. Then I'd try a diff brand of protein powder. I've
had pretty good luck with a cheap one call Vege Fuel from
Twinlab. A slight amount of the protein "gums" up at the
top rim but it is minor.
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