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RE: [AGA-Member] From the Membership Desk

1. Tell a friend about the AGA while you are showing off your planted tank.
2. Talk your boss into letting you set up a planted tank in the office. Then, see #1 above.
5. Mention that you are an AGA member in your e-mail and forum signatures. You could even include a link to the AGA web site.
6. Download the AGA brochure: 7. Ask me for full-color brochures for your next local aquarium or fish club meeting. If you have extras, leave them at the local fish store.
8. Ask me for an AGA promotional package for your local club's Special Event like an auction, expo, or Planted Tank Speaker Meeting.

11. Get a part time job at your LFS in order to increase their plant department, then do the above.
12. Give a presentation on how to set up and care for a **simple** planted tank. Most "fish only" folks would secretly love to be able to keep plants other than Java Fern, especially in their breeder setups. Show them how and you can "slip them a mickey/brochure". That works well too. :)

It really does work, I've done all of the above and have reached people who have become new members. Most folks were happily surprised to find out that there's even an association for planted tank people. This is also a good way of getting folks involved in your local club.


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