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Re: [AGA-Member] kliner bar

INteresting. Kleiner Bar should reach about 6 inches in
height, possibly nearly 10" under very good conditions and
at full maturity.

When Christel Kasselmann saw one of the plants in Dallas a
couple of years ago, she immediately said, "That's not
Kleiner Bar; it's too big. Kleiner Bar is a small plant."

I've had a few of the bigger plants myself; with good light
and nutrients, they easily reach 12", 14' or more. I wonder
what they really are, perhaps a related cultivar???


--- RMGTBTS@aol.com wrote:

> cheryl
> after a full 12 months ( in the left center of a 135 gal)
> has never  exceeded 
> a height of 14 inches with the largest leaf width at
> under 3  inches. the 
> pups seem to actually grow slower and after 6 months are
> less than  10 inches in 
> height. if valerie in houston sees this maybe she could
> tell us how  big hers 
> has gotten as i gave her one. 

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