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Re: [AGA-Member] Re: AGA Top 10 (almost)

I think it's great that you are thinking of starting a local club in your area. We are getting more and more members from Mexico every month, although they are still too few. But you don't need many members to start: word will travel fast.

AGA can help to support your new club, by providing information and publicity via this list and the web site. But we are not an umbrella organization with smaller clubs under us.

Frankly, we believe there is not much interest in this. The local clubs don't want a national organization poking its nose in their business, and the AGA doesn't have the people-power to oversee the kind of massive administration this would entail.

We do have a new program called AGA Premium Clubs


but we are just starting out with this.


hedson hinojosa wrote:
ok. well i live down here in mexico and i was wondering that if i want to
start a local / national club of mexican aquarium planters.... is it
posible to asociated later on with the aga (usa) and would it enjoy
some benefits?
i keenly interested on this so i will wait for a reply from you.
how many are the minimal for to be a club, and do they need to speak
english.....i could be the translator.

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