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[AGA-Member] Re: AGA Top 10 (almost)

well what i meant is that  if some people from here are interested in
join your club but they don´t speak english and besides they like your
club information. how can they join you?
i´m not intersted in making a club for myself under you umbrella, but
helping this people to have a share in this hobby and yor valuavle
how can i meet some of the mexicans hom have join you and we can come
to know each other? i´m interested in this.

On 8/9/05, Cheryl Rogers <cheryl@wilstream.com> wrote:
> I think it's great that you are thinking of starting a local club in 
> your area. We are getting more and more members from Mexico every month, 
> although they are still too few. But you don't need many members to 
> start: word will travel fast.
> AGA can help to support your new club, by providing information and 
> publicity via this list and the web site. But we are not an umbrella 
> organization with smaller clubs under us.
> Frankly, we believe there is not much interest in this. The local clubs 
> don't want a national organization poking its nose in their business, 
> and the AGA doesn't have the people-power to oversee the kind of massive 
> administration this would entail.
> We do have a new program called AGA Premium Clubs
> http://www.aquatic-gardeners.org/Group_Premium.pdf
> but we are just starting out with this.
> Cheryl
> hedson hinojosa wrote:
> > ok. 
> > well i live down here in mexico and i was wondering that if i want to
> > start a local / national club of mexican aquarium planters.... is it
> > posible to asociated later on with the aga (usa) and would it enjoy
> > some benefits?
> > i keenly interested on this so i will wait for a reply from you.
> > how many are the minimal for to be a club, and do they need to speak
> > english.....i could be the translator.
> > 
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