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Re:[AGA-Member] Ben, Ricky & mosses


You thought Fantinalis antipyretica needed or preferred rather coolish temperature, didn't you ?
I just agree with you on that point. According to the plants catalogue in The Aquarium Plant Handbook (Oriental) , p. 27, and according to my teacher, the aquatic plants shop manager,
temperature around 25 degrees centigrade would be optimal for both Fantinalis antipyretica and Vesicularia sp. If it's over 28 degrees, they might wither away sooner or later. A bit lower the better. Also, enough light and CO2 helps the plant turn out beautiful, vivid green, and active.
Staying away from algae problem, frequent water change also helps a lot regarding the algae growing. I myself have been trying it, but I don't know for sure yet concerning the effect of the sufficient CO2 and rather strong light. Give it a try, Jay.

Eishi  Yamamoto

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