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[AGA-Member] RE: AGA-Member Digest, Vol 21, Issue 6

Plants use carbon as part of the buidling blocks of their molecules. Generally, plants get carbon from carbon dioxide in the air. Sumerged plants get carbon from carbon dioxdie dissolved in the water, which holds much less than the air. Some plants, like vals, are capable of getting carbon from carbonates that are dissolved in the water. This can lower the alkalinity of the water, usually measured as the KH.

Also, in a mature aquarium, organic acids slowly develop that can reduce the carbonate content.

You can ncrease the carbonate content by adding carbonates. One such compound is plain ordinary baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). Another is the material sea shells are made of, calcium carbonate. Baking soda dissolves readily in water while calclium caronate dissolves very slowly. So calcium carbonate, if added in a owdered form can make the water turn harmlessly milky for a few hours.

If you have soft water and want more KH, 4 or 5 degrees of KH is usually plenty.

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