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Re: A. sp. rantingMike

Hi Mike and all,
I'd like to see the dwarf cichlid corner of the hobby learn from the
killie clubs. There, precise info on a fish increases its value greatly.
The AKA has largely stuck to its guns, and there's a healthy respect for
ecology in the group. People want to earn. Sure, there are collectors,
but generally, the tone of respect for knowledge is good.
The ASG can play a role like that. I'm not in the ACA, because I found
it to be a commercially driven group. That side seemed out of control.
In our local club, there are 2 annual auctions open to the public. To my
mind, they've harmed the club. I don't participate, because they've
overridden the spirit of sharing/passing along fish that predominated
when I joined. Now, everyone holds back his best stuff for the 'super
auction', where very good money is made, but you don't see much in the
regular club auctions. It has really hurt the club.
As dwarfs do become the fad, as I think they will, we should avoid
getting "ACAed" or commercialized. I'm glad we don't buy and sell on
this list. Let's just keep the info flowing.

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