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gibbiceps growth/monogamy?

Hi folks,
I recently acquired some juvenile wc gibbiceps- likely Rio Negro in origin
as evidenced by the pertensis and gephyra also in the same tank. In past
experience with c.b. gibbiceps- I found the fry to grow extremely slow and
ended up trading them off before they hit maturity (1 year). My current
batch are the exact opposite- in the 2 weeks I have had them under my care
the male has put on a cm in length, caudal extensions and some amazing
colors. Though my husbandry has improved over the years- I'm wondering if
there is more to it than that. There is a reference in Linke and Staeck
about this fish being slow to grow- curious to know if anyone has similar
experiences- do wild caugth fish grow faster? are they monogamous?

                              Steven J. Waldron

               "Natural History, Captive Husbandry, Conservation and
                           Biophilia of Tropical Frogs"


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