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Re: seeking Kyle/shameless recruting for ASG

Gary Elson wrote:

>Gabriella is right about Big John - but I could maybe help too. I've
>lost Kyle's message, so Kyle, if you could contact me offlist at
>fraulels@minet.ca, I may be able to help out. I don't sell fish, but I'm
>the ASG area rep. When this is done in the AKA (killifish) as part of
>their mentoring program, reps sometimes offer a free pair of killies to
>any local person who joins, so I'll offer the same in apistogramma terms
>for regional ASG newcomers who want to pick the fish up (no shipping).
>-Gary Elson
> Verdun, Qc (Montreal area - but passing through Ottawa on Saturday)

Now wait just a moment here.  I didn't know we had ASG regional reps.
That's number one.  Number two, I never got any 'welcome to the club'
apistos.  Hmmmm.....  I've been neglected.  sniff...

However, my pal Helen Burns took the picture of one of my 'boys' which is on
the cover of the Membership Booklet for the ASG.  Ain't he a cutie???
Helen's coming back to Canada for the convention in May in Hamilton.  With
digital camera in tow.  Right Helen???  I know, I know...Niagara Falls is
dramatic, but I am going to have to comandeer you to get some pictures of
the planted tanks.....because I'm an egomaniac with neglible photography
skills. :):):)


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