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Re: Rams: wild caught vs. tank bred.

Re: Kyle's question about his rams

Cacatoides and Rams require different water conditions.  Rams prefer the
water to be soft, and the temp at minimum 82, but even higher for spawning.
Their ideal pH requirements are also different, Rams prefering a lower pH
than Cacatoides.  Rams originate in shallow hot ponds and seem to like
temperatures similar to Discus.  Cacatoides come from white water in the
higher Amazon region.  Totally different habitats.

Now that's if you want them to breed.  But if you change the water
conditions in the tank they share with your Cacatoides, you will screw up
the fry sex ratio of the Cacatoides offspring.  (Supposing you've got them
at 78 and pH close to 7 with medium water hardness).

Also, don't expect fish that are being harassed to look their best.  You may
consider the ram being chased out of cacatoides territory as being nothing
significant.  The female ram may disagree with you heartily if she could
talk.  You may want to try a tank divider for a while and see if she'll be
happier that way, or put her in a different tank.

Gabriella Kadar

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