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Re: Mike Wise writing a book?

>>I do.

Mike Wise<<

Well that makes thing a little easier!  If you'd like, I'll be glad to lend a hand in creating an electronic version.  If you send the scanned files, I can start pasting them in html (or some other format).  I can then send the pages bage to you for IDing, comments & linking.  I have a laptop and do my web work on the 1+ hour train ride home.  So it doesn't conflict with most of my other commitments (except when I need to do work on the train).

Then we both can catch a flight to Scotland to have Ms. Burns proof it while we test the proof, 80 proof that is, with some of that famous fermented & distilled malt product that's so well known and loved in the Highlands!  ;-)

Bill Vannerson
McHenry, IL

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