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Re: about Rio Xie

Mike & Diane Wise wrote:
> Danny,
> Thanks for the information. I think your Rio Xie
> (She e) is actually the Rio Içana
> (E shawn' ah). It is hard to translate names
> exactly from the western alphabet into
> Japanese. The Rio Içana is a right bank tributary
> of the Rio Negro about 50 km
> upstream from the Rio Uaupés. Trop Rio has been
> bringing in some new species from
> this area recently, including a new form of A.
> elizabethae. There is also a species called A. sp.
> Içana that has not been published yet. It is a
> uaupesi-like fish. I will email you about this
> privately.

I think 	"Rio Xie" is a misspelling of Rio Tiquie, that the Portuguese 
sound should be "chee-kee-eh".
It is a upper tributary of Rio Uaupes.

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