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Re: Tampa Bay Aquarium Society Meeting Notice

On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, Mr. Fish wrote:

> We have got at least one new member every month from the email
> discussion lists that I "participate on"
> IF this message brings in one new fish person to our large group of dedicated and
> serious aquarist's then it is worth the effort, because believe me it is an
> effort to do one of those messages and send them to well over 3000 aquarists.

But you see, this is the same attitude of spammers and religious
zealouts... Suppose every one of us who are affiliated with an aquarium
society starts doing this to every list every month?  The lists will soon
become polluted with these advertisements.  I think, as others have
mentioned today, that most people use a certain degree of discretion when
deciding where and when to post, rather than blanketing. I am a member of
GSAS, and we're having our big annual auction next week, but I'm not
bugging the lists this way, because to me it's inappropriate (I feel bad
about even posting this, which is why I've never brought it up before).
Our club's PR guy is posting to the forsale groups, and to the local
seattle forums.  Back in '98 when we had Dave Soares as our speaker, I did
post here because it was on topic. I did *not* post on the Tetras list,
because it wasn't relevant.  When Karen Randall came out and spoke about
aquatic plants, I mentioned it on the APD, but not here.

Today, I got to delete your advertisement in three different places.  Yes,
I suppose I could just filter your posts into the bit-bucket, but I really
don't like to do this for anyone on the list; they may make a valuable
contribution someday.  I am just wondering if you would consider toning it
down a little.

     - Erik

(My last words on the topic.  I go back to lurking and archiving now.)

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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