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Re: Finally! A thayeri spawn!

Thanks, Helen.  It is certainly the dithers that did it.  I had about a dozen tetras in there before but I didn't want to add any more because I wanted to keep the population density low and the water clean.  The number of dithers obviously didn't make them feel very secure before.  There appears to be a security threshold that the addition of more dithers helped cross.  Now, with about 20 dithers, the fish are not shy!!  They still scoot away when I approach the tank quickly but they dont scoot too far away and come out into the open right away.  They're also begging for food more vigorously. 
I'm relearning a lot of things about fishkeeping. :-)  I think the 'quality' of dithers is important too.  Having a dozen sedentary tetras like Crenuchus spilurus (which I also remember seeing along with the thayeri) in the tank is not the same as a dozen Triportheus (Giant hatchets).  The key qualifications for dithers should be 'active' and 'tight-schooling. '  I cant find a name for the tetras I just added to the tank.  They are shaped like Iguanodectes but with a brownish cream body and a red tail like in Prionobrama filigera...Randy are you out there? I couldn't find a picture of them in Baensch atlases 1-4...may be 5 has it.
Whatever they are, they work!
Helen wrote:
Congratulations.  Our species know what they want and we have the job of finding out exactly what it is.  Your Thayeri are happy now and it will be all go from now on.  I'm happy for you and the fish, I can almost hear you cheering from here.