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Nannacara taenia

I purchased six wild caught N. Taenia (10th Apr) all approximately 1"SL.
Since Saturday (15th) a female has been caring for a spawning inside an
inverted small clay pot.  As this is day five from spawning she will be
appearing soon (I hope) with fry.  I have read the few postings on
www.thekrib.com and it has been mentioned that the female seems incompetent
at guarding wrigglers.  This has somewhat worried me when the female
hopefully appears with fry.  I have had experience with N. Anomola and found
that females of this species will protect her fry against all oncomers.

I bought this species on impulse therefore when I returned home (from
England) I didn't have a spare tank available to quarantine them. "Oh!
dearie me I can hear you say."  I housed all six in 39"x24"x16" tall tank
beside the following tankmates.  Young pair of Uaru, six young F1
Pterophyllum leopodi, five Dicrosuss maculatus, three Caridals and two
Glolight Tetras.  There are no plants in this tank due to the fact the Uaru
would eat them!

My question to any list members who have experience of breeding this species
and parental care, considering my tank above, what should I do?  Perhaps I
should place a divider in the tank to isolate the female and her fry.  I can
and probably will remove the tetras today into another tank.
I would appreciate your advice.

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