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This post was submitted to my dwarf cichlid discussion forum
 http://www3.bravenet.com/forum/show.asp?usernum=4227733772 ) today:

"Hi would appreciate your opinions on this advice that was given yesterday.
Some of us prepare our own foods using a variety of marine foods (eg shrimp,
mussels, fish fillets, whitebait, whatever..).

I was told yesterday that such a diet will kill our fish - firstly the
"meat" will have a fair amount of "complex salts" in it that will interfere
with the thyroid and iodine update. Secondly the "meat" has a significant
component of oils which will affect the liver and spleen and cause internal
damage. He said that this will particularly affect our dwarf cichlids which
are largely vegetarian.

This guy, who has bred and sold fish for 33 years, usually gives good advice
but as a businessman is also partly $ driven... "

What are the thoughts of others?


Simon Voorwinde


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