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Re: Laetacara thayeri

Could you tell us more about the set up? Maybe it is something as simple as 
the colour of the substrate.  Without ANY information it's a bit difficult 
to help.:-)


>From: Piabinha@aol.com
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>Subject: Laetacara thayeri
>Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 22:46:19 EDT
>(belated) congratulations, vinny, on your new babies.
>as an aside, i'm starting to think my pair is neurotic.  they have spawned 
>least 10 times in my 55-gallon tank, which is filled with "predators,"
>catfish and tetras.  they tried raising fry many times, whereas other times
>they just gave up early and ate the eggs.  not a single fry to show for as 
>this is a little strange for me, in view of my other experiences with
>spawning fish.  in this same tank, i used to keep a colony of Nannacara
>anomala, and the females there had no problems keeping all the other fish 
>bay and raising their broods.  this went on for 5 generations and for a 
>i was trying to give them away like crazy.
>in my 29-gallon tank, my kribs spawned and had no trouble keeping hungry
>rainbows, paradisefish, Betta pugnax and other medium to large fish away.  
>a matter of fact, i raised Betta pugnax in this same tank and all the fry
>survived to adulthood.
>i'm starting to think L. thayeri really need spacious, quiet quarters for
>them to feel comfortable and start a family.  i'm sorry all my tanks are
>community tanks and i can't dedicate a large enough tank for them.
>tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA
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