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"Salt grains" on wild rams.

Hello All,

I just recently purchased a group of wild rams.  I'm currently quarantining 
and medicating them for various nasties.  Many of the rams came in with what 
look like little grains of salt on their fins and bodies.  They don't really 
look fuzzy and it doesn't seem to be affecting the fish too badly.  I just 
finished treating them for internal parasites using Hex-A-Mit.  I don't know 
how effective the drug is, but I wanted to treat the fish since they're 
possibly going to be introduced into a discus tank.  I did a water changed 
and then started treating for the white spots.  I'm certain that they're not 
ich because they're 3-5mm in size.  I did a search of the Untergasser 
disease book and found that it might be columnaris or another type of 
external parasite.  So I started treating with acriflavin and a product 
called Quick Cure per instructions of my vet.  (I always thought it was a 
bad idea to mix drugs.)  The fish seem to be doing fine this morning, so I 
guess mixing drugs didn't affect them.  My question is, does anyone have an 
idea what these spots are and how is the best way to get rid of them.  I've 
already lost 3 of my gold rams that were being quaratined with the wilds 

Sorry about the length of the post.  TIA.

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