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Re: RO against Seradest (+ anybody from Belgium ?)

Bonjour, JeanMarc

 JeanMarc.Szalies@distri.be writes:

> does anyone could explain me the difference between RO water and de-ionised
>  water (by Seradest method).

I do not know what Seradest is.  I assume it is a true de-ionizer, and not a 
water softener?

>  As an analytical chemist, I can't really understand that my rams seems to
>  dislike the Seradest water witha conductivity of about 0.5ÁS/cm ?

Perhaps the water is TOO pure.  .5 microsiemens is pretty fine.  Your fish 
may require a little more hardness in order to survive.
>  What couls disturb them with such a water ? We're speaking of ÁS, so what
>  could be the problem ?
>  (I use seradest water to dilute my tap water, rams were acclimated with my
>  very hard tapped water (hardness about 20) for one week, then I diluted it
>  to a hardness of ▒12 and added peat filtration. Then one week after, I
>  diluted again to a hardness of 7. This last move, they dislike and ▒40% of
>  them died (those are german rams, not the shitty far-east quality)).
>  Anybody got an idea ?
>  I'll let my apistos with a hardness of 12 until I understand more of the
>  problem.

Are you talking 12 ║ or 12 ppm(mg/l)?  There's a big difference here.

>  I just have acces to free Seradest water, not to RO :(((
I would use the deionized water, but not so pure.  Mix in enough tapwater to 
get around 1-2║ GH.  As a chemist you should be able to handle that.

Bob Dixon

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