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Quiet indeed, so here's a question.

Well I'll take a break from lurking with a modest less scientific question.
I hope I am not banished back to lurking because of the lengthy narrative

I have (had) a pair of A. hongsloi II in a 20 gallon, planted. In it are
some small tetras and Corydoras adolfoi as well. I had not yet removed Corys
to another tank so the Apistos could breed. Every now and then I noticed the
apistos would develop some whitish rot-like stuff on their fins. I would
occasionally treat with Melafix. The white stuff would clear, then from time
to time reappear then disappear, cyclically.

Well, the apisto pair successfully bred some weeks ago; I returned from a
time away to find the fry. The fish were in the care of house sitters, so I
hadn't the time to hatch baby brine shrimp. Sadly all the fry but one died.
But soon the pair bred again. Much dancing and shimmering together, and then
I noticed the female hanging out in one of her caves. I provided night light
so she could defend against any less than neighborly cory visits. However,
sadly a day or two later she had the worst case of the white rot I had yet
seen, not only on her fins but on her body and over one eye. The male had a
minor case. She succumbed within a day. The male has slowly recovered (and
the survivor from the fry batch is so far okay).

My new theory for the rot stuff is now that the pair have occasionally bred
in the past and the eggs have rotted (I am unable to see the eggs), and the
apisto pair have been in contact with whatever fungus is affecting their
eggs (other fish in the tank are not affected). That is the rot I have seen
on them. This time it was just a particularly nasty case (maybe more eggs).
Does this sound reasonable? I have successfully bred other apistos, and this
is the only tank where I have seen this. I suppose I will have to find
another female, and a solution for this in the future.

Daniel Gottsegen <dgotts@earthlink.net>

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