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Re: Quiet indeed, so here's a question.

As usual  you have provided me with a thoughtful, informative, and helpful
response. I had some reservations about posting such a winding and
"personal" question on the list. Anyway, I am very diligent with my water
changes, but indeed have not bothered to clean under caves. This particular
tank is the only one where I have had any such (recurring) problem, but then
it is the only one with macmasteri group apistos in it. I hope the rapidly
growing survivor of the earlier brood is a female, because the male is doing
quite well again.

Thanks for your response.


on 9/8/00 10:13 AM, Mike & Diane Wise at apistowise@bewellnet.com wrote:

> Dan,
> Since no one else has responded, I think I'll give you my opinion. Your
> "whitish
> rot-like stuff" seems to me to most likely be a fungus that is decomposing
> dead
> skin - probably caused by a bacterial infection. I doubt that it has anything
> to
> do with the eggs. I would bet that water conditions are not quite optimum and
> your hongsloi are picking up a bacterial infection. Members of the
> macmasteri-group, like A. hongsloi,  are well known to be more susceptible to
> certain bacterial infections. Corys & tetra are much more resistant in
> general.
> Your treatment seemed to be curing the disease, but something in the water was
> causing the fish to stress and become re-infected. Since I don't know how you
> maintain your fish, this is only a guess. You may be doing proper water
> changes,
> etc. but might be forgetting to clean under caves used by you cichlids. This
> can
> cause "dead" zones where nitrites, nitrates, and even sulfides can build up in
> the gravel, stressing the fish. Like I said, just my opinion.
> Mike Wise

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