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Re: A. elizabethae

> Pete Liptrot wrote:
> > Hi all, I'm seeking advice for a friend, who claims to prefer Killies
> > but has a suspiciously growing number of Dwarf Cichlids in his fish
> > room.
> > He picked up some A. elizabethae from Holland, and has been told
> > they are seasonal spawners. I've no experience with this species,
> > but I'm sure there'll be someone on the list who can answer this, as
> > I seem to remember this fish coming up for discussion in the past.
> >

I have to say that A. elizabethae are my biggest failure to date. 
I got 4 young F1's two years ago, 3m 1f as it turned out. They did
fine up until the largest male killed the other two males and left
me with a pair. Very well, these two did fine in a 160 litre tank
with D. filamentosus but they never even spawned !!  I have managed
to not get fry from a few other DC-species but I usually get them
to spawn... The male died two weeks ago so now I really have no


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