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Re: Apistogramma sp. "Lyretail Panduro"

Well, I guess it's time for my first post to the list too.  I got a pair of the "Lyretail Panduro" in
Cleveland.  Adults.  When I first put them in the tank, the male beat the crap out of the female.
She simply "lost" her caudal fin, which made swimming very hard.  I expected to loose her but,
as luck would have it, she had more faith in herself than I had in her.  Anyway, the pair was
very nervous in spite of caves and plants until I lucked out and put a big piece of drift wood
in the tank (pre-boiled, of course, to kill anything on it).  There were nooks and crannies and the
male especially took to the wood right away.  A few weeks ago I added some small tetras and 
they also seemed to get the apitsos out more often.  The female's caudal tail is growing back.
I'm feeding sinking brine shrimp pellets, cyclop-eze (which they seem to love), black worms
every few days, and vinegar eels when I harvest them for my fry.  So far the lyretails look fine,
but no fry.  They are one of the first fish I check each day... now I'm the nervous one.


>             Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 23:24:46 -0400 
>             From: "Mike Jacobs" <mjacobs2@tampabay.rr.com> 
>             Subject: Re: Apistogramma sp. "Lyretail Panduro" 

>           ... I have a trio at home that have not produced any fry yet.  They 
>             were extremely nervous for about a month and a half......they have calmed 
>             down to the point that they don't head for the hills when anyone comes to 
>             the tank...........so my hopes are rising. 

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