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RE: Female differences: agazis - cacatoo

Thanx, not easy to see the tails, I'll try your method.
Those are juveniles except one cac. (btw, she has "rounds" (ocelles in
french) on the tail)

I still had a fem cac. and I bought a new couple (couldn't just get the male
alone) and a couple agazis.
Meaning is not to interbreed, but as they're in the same tank (they seem
happy, from 3 weeks, no agressivity) it's good to know...
Seems there's only 2 femalles now. I'd find "logic" that Mss Cac1 killed
Miss Cac2 and let Mss Aga alone, but I try to check...

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Mike & Diane Wise [SMTP:apistowise@bewellnet.com]
> Jean-Mark,
> The caudal fin us useful only on mature females. A better method is to see
> if the
> fish has abdominal stripes. A. cacatuoides females show zig zag abdominal
> stripes. A. agassizii females have none. I doubt that the two species will
> interbreed.
> Mike Wise
> Szalies Jean-Marc wrote:
> > What's the best way to differenciate those females ?
> > Would those interbreed (a male agazis with a female cacatoo by example)
> ?
> >

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