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Re: CO2

Dave Gomberg wrote:
> If you are short of money, the best method is yeast (DIY) method.   Very
> little front cash needed.   But it is a lot of work.
> If you have more money than time, compressed gas is the best.   As far as I
> know, the "electrical" methods do not work (at least in soft water) and the
> chemical methods are very expensive in the medium or long run.

Please elaborate. Haven't heard this before and since I'm considering
one of these units and I have soft water (3-4 dGH, 2-3 dKH) I am really
interested in what/why/how.

As for compressed gas, which I use now, it has drawbacks. My biggest
complain is having to refill the tube since it's very expensive over
here, don't know about the US. You also have to get a magnetic valve
unless you want to add CO2 overnight (expensive in Sweden, maybe not 
where you live).

Lots of fish is also a way of providing more CO2 but then follows 
added cleaning-labor.


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