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Re: Dwarf Cichlid Book by Baensch

FishBookStore.com would be happy to offer this book if they want me to.  I
would be able to take credit card orders.

Mark Barnett
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Don't be so hard on the ACA. The ad is just that, an advertisementin the
Buntbarsche Bulletin paid by Römer . The ACA has nothing to do with the

I'm not certain that this is entirely accurate, but from the little I have
told - and some "reading between the lines" - I think that Uwe and Mergus
had some serious disagreements over production, distribution rights, and
sales of
the English translation. Römer might be subsidizing the publishing of the of
book in order to just get it published and to control distribution rights to

Anyway, it seems that David Soares is the only one offering the book right
Dave & Uwe have had a close association for many years and I believe that
feels that he can trust Dave to sell the book. I know that Dave had a
last spring and even was a member of this list for a while. To be honest,
computers are not his strong point and he always prefers corresponding over
phone. I realize that this is a problem for us more computer literate
but we will have to live with it for now.

I hope that they are successful in promoting their book this way, or realize
they need more distributors, because it would be a shame to see such a
book not being widely disseminated. My suggestion is to send an air post as
as possible and hope for the best.

Mike Wise

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