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Crenicichla Regani Variations?

Hi All,

This is my first post, so I take this opportunity to say 
hello from London and offer my seasonal best wishes to 
you all.

I need some sage advice...

After reading some inspirational material regarding 
Dwarf Pikes, I took the plunge and ordered a pair of 
Crenicichla Regani from the lfs.

They have arrived, but I am unsure that they are 
Regani.  The visual references I am using are 




My pikes are a deep beige, with a strong black lateral 
line and a spade tail.  There is little coloration apart 
from a "bullseye" red & black eyespot located on the 
tail, and a red fringe to the posterior dorsal fin.  There 
is also well defined striation and spotting on the head in 
shades of brown/beige. In fact, they look just like 
juvenile Crenicichla sp. Venezuela, who grow to 20" and 
who will very soon start consuming my entire community.

Having phoned the wholesaler, I have been reassured 
that they are Reganis, and that they do not grow much 
bigger than their present size (M6", F5").

Soooo, does anyone know of a Crenichla Regani 
variation which may possibly resemble closely a sp. 
Venezuela ?......or can anyone explain how a reputable 
wholesaler might be making this mistake?

If anyone can help me get my facts straight, or steer 
me towards some good sources, I would be most 

Warm regards

Rich Moore
Finsbury Park, London

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