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Re: Crenicichla Regani Variations?

Hi Rich,
Some geographic variations of C. regani have a deep beige color with a strong black lateral line but NONE of them have the well defined striations and spotting on the head that you describe.  This "Spots-n-Stripes" pattern is characteristic of juvenile pikes of the lugubris group, the giant pikes from central Amazonia.   Their current size (Male 6" and Female 5") only confirms that they are young lugubris.  Imported C. regani are never that huge.  Tank raised specimen occasionally get that big but by then, the male is old enough to get a hunch back. 
I wouldn't rush to judge the reputation of your dealer yet...they simply may not have all the facts and/or they may have been shipped a bag of C. regani along with your fish and the labels could have been switched.  
Some of Helen's C. regani may still be floating around in the UK somewhere.  Perhaps you could track some down.
Good luck.
My pikes are a deep beige, with a strong black lateral
line and a spade tail.  There is little coloration apart
from a "bullseye" red & black eyespot located on the
tail, and a red fringe to the posterior dorsal fin.  There
is also well defined striation and spotting on the head in
shades of brown/beige. In fact, they look just like
juvenile Crenicichla sp. Venezuela, who grow to 20" and
who will very soon start consuming my entire community.

Having phoned the wholesaler, I have been reassured
that they are Reganis, and that they do not grow much
bigger than their present size (M6", F5").

Soooo, does anyone know of a Crenichla Regani
variation which may possibly resemble closely a sp.
Venezuela ?......or can anyone explain how a reputable
wholesaler might be making this mistake?