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Re: tank bred vs. wild (was inbreeding) spawning

I would just like to add one further question. It was my understanding that 
without dithers or other *threats*, the male or female spawning apisto 
will/may turn on the other. For this reason, I thought it helpful to keep 
other fish in the tank with them. With this in mind, placing them in the 10 
gallon alone would not necessarily be a good idea, though putting a guppy or 
two in there might just mean I wind up with 2 dead guppies. I previously had 
chocolate gouramis in the 29 gal tank with them, and they killed off 2, 
before I finally removed the last. (This concluded by noticeable bodily 
injury.) So, it appears that fast moving fish may get the eggs, but slow 
moving fish just get killed. What do experienced breeders do? 


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