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Re: tank bred vs. wild (was inbreeding) spawning

Hello Sylvia

Oh my god, you used Chocolate Gouramis as dither fish??   I can't get
any of them buggers up here and you're killing yours off to get your
apistos to spawn!!   Just goes to show what we'll do for our fish.

As to dithers, I never use anything else in my breeding tanks except the
pair or the group ( some times i use trios or quads depending on the
tank size)  I used to keep some killies in with my pairs but that wasnt
a good idea, had some casualities in the killies or severly tattered
killies.    My suggestion would be to add lots of hiding spaces, i e 5
or 6 flower pots per tank to keep the non aggressive one from getting
beaten up too bad.   Hiding places are great.   I also use one flower
pot that can be easily guarded by just one fish with out the other being
able to get in if the female dont want the male in there harasssing fry
or eating eggs.

If you arent using bare bottom breeder tanks, lots of plants are good
cover too.   I now use some plants in flower pots in my breeder tanks.
I still have a bare bottom but plants help ease some stress in certain
species.    I do this in almost all my breeder tanks.   So I would
recommend just the pair of fish and lots of hiding places, no dithers!!
Watching your fish helps too, find out whos the aggressive fish and when
its happening,  sometimes removing a male after spawning is necessary
for his or her health!


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