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Belated hello

Hi everyone,

I have been lurking in here for a couple or so weeks and even asked a
question or two without properly introducing myself.  Please forgive my
delinquency in doing so.

I am a newbie to apistos, though not to the aquarium hobby.  I've had a
small community tank for eons, since I was twelve or so.  During the process
of a major move two years ago (from Alabama to Texas and back to Alabama), I
gave up my aquarium.  Finally when I got settled, I decided to get back into
it with a renewed interest in a planted aquarium.  Since I wanted to try the
plants with high light requirement, I searched on the web and found "the
Krib" site.  Soon one thing led to another and now I got the apisto fever.

I am from Japan.  I cut my teeth on aquarium hobby back in Japan (thirty
some years ago).  I've learned a lot since then but I am still learning a
lot from the Krib, the Aquatic Gardeners Digest, and now from this list as
well.  I hope to benefit from the good information exchange here and look
forward to getting to know those of you who participate in the list.

Tomoko Schum
Madison, Alabama

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