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Re: Belated hello


Thank you for the information.  I searched the website of a large Japanese
bookstore and found the book.  Their New York branch can get the book for me
but it is going to cost a lot more than I expected (partly due to S/H in the
US and the freight to bring it from Japan).  Maybe my mother can send it to
me for my birthday.  In the meantime I do need a good book for Apisto care
and breeding for beginners.  Would Römer's "Cichlids Atlas, vol. 1" be a
good one or should I start with Linke & Staeck's book "American Cichlids I -
Dwarf Cichlids"?

I also found a lot of webpages by Japanese Apisto lovers.  Apistos are
really hot over there.   There is a Japanese Apisto mailing list as well.  I
have not figured out yet how to get my Outlook Express to talk to their
mailing list software.  I can read their messages without a problem.  But
they can not read my message written in MS global IME (the input method that
allows me to write in Japanese characters) using Outlook Express :(   It
would be really fun to find out what they do and see how it compares to our


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> Tomoko,
> There is a very nice book on dwarf cichlids published in Japan. The
> are exceptional. It is called "Tropical Fish Collection 6 - South American
> Cichlid" by Koji Yamazaki, et al. and published by Pisces Publishers Co.
> Tokyo. I only wish that I could read it. If you are ever back in Japan you
> try to find it and its companion volumes on Corydoras (#1), Characin (#2),
> (#3), Guppy (#4), and Anabantoids (#5). I'd bet by now that they have
> volumes, too.
> Mike Wise

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