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Re: fishroom

  Ten gallon tanks work well.  I have had pairs of A. cacatuoides, and
A. sp. "Rotpunkt" spawn and raise fry for a bit (had to move fry to a
larger tank when they grew).  I currently have a pair (I hope) of A.
agassizi in a ten gal. too.  I have planted all of my tanks for about
four years now, and have just started adding CO2 into my planted tanks.
 It didn't bother the Cacs.  and the aggies don't seem to mind it
either - the plants are pearling daily.  
  In these small tanks, I go without dithers (small fish like
pencilfish, or hatches is what I have).  I did have a very heavily
planted twenty gal.  with a school of six glowlight tetras with a trio
of A. cacatuoides, and both females raised their fry to large enough to
be able to avoid the tetras.


J. Miller
Edmonton, AB, Can.

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