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Food problems

I have four juvenile A. inirida that won't eat anything else than live baby 
brine shrimps.
I want this guys to grow to mature size (of course), and I don't think they 
will grow fast enough on just BBS. And what about when they become bigger? 
Will BBS then be good enough for them? They are about one inch now. I have 
had them for about two month.
I've tried to give them frozen artemia, blood worms, beef heart and 
daphnia. They eat a little bit, and then they they start to spit it out. 
I've tried to give it whole or fine chopped but no different result.
The only thing I've not tried is home made shrimp mix. Maybe I should try 
to make that?
Any suggestions?
And, one more thing: how can I sex them?

- Frode -

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