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Re: A. trifasciata

Hi John,

Thank you for your message!

I find the male trifasciata very beautiful, too.  My
male is not as blue as the picture on the Krib site but
he is very pretty.  I suppose there are some color
variations among them.

I am thinking about fertilizing my 20 gallon planted
tank (the one I am preparing for borellii) with a small
amount of fertilizer tabs, so I don't affect the
conductivity, too much.  But according to various
responses I got so far, I don't need to worry too much
about the conductivity with the type of apistos I have
(borellii and trisfasciata), so I might go ahead and
fertilize the plants.

If my loaches turn out to be a threat, I suppose I can
siphon out fry into another tank.  But finding them in
the tank might be a challenge for me (the tank is
heavily planted.)

This morning the female did not come out to feed.  So
she might be guarding her eggs.  Other females are
starting to turn yellowish, too.  I must add some more
pots and saucer, and some Java moss if I can find them
locally right away.


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