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Re: Considering these apistos and I'm New!

Frauley Elson wrote:

> Lianne,
> Given your very small tank (for apistos), the only one I'd expect to
> work out would be borelli. It's a lot harder to keep apistos in a tank
> that size than in larger quarters, so for someone starting out, it's not
> the best idea.
> If you can maintain your water quality, borelli is small, pretty and
> adaptable. You could probably get away with a pair in the ten, with the
> corys and nothing else.
> Njisseni is twice the bulk of a borelli.
> -Gary

Hi Gary,

Thanks for your input.  I will hold off on getting apistos.  I don't want to
get them if they're not going to be happy.  Thanks again!


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