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mini COAC convention in Kitchener/Waterloo

Is anyone from the apisto list planning to attend this meeting?  It's on May
26th only.


Reason I'm asking is because I've got a lot of outbred no longer fancy guppy
juveniles and small ones for anyone who is planning to attend and also has
whopper fish that enjoy live food.  n/c

I've also got lots and lots of red wriggler worms that I can bring along
with me also as food.  I've been growing these babes because I wanted to
feed them to my own fish except my fish are total weirdos.  If it moves,
they won't eat it.  Go figure.  Also n/c

Lisa Brinkman:  Are you going to be there?  If so, let me know off list
either at this email address or the other one.  I hope your fish were a
sight more enthusiastic about all those other guppies I gave you a couple of
months ago.  I trust you are not now having a guppy population problem. :)
So far I have a couple of requests for worms from people on the Toronto and
Area Aquatic Plants List.  I'd really like to get my composting box
renovated.  It's getting overfull.

Gabriella Kadar
Toronto, Canada.

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